My practice is rooted in a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and architecture. I am a craftsman and a sculptor, but above all, a designer working in various scales and materials. In my studio, I create objects closely tied to traditional craftsmanship, crafted by hand starting from small prototypes to the final piece. I also highly value experimentation, which constitutes a significant part of my artistic growth. This has directed me towards ceramics and glass, my two favorite materials, so different from each other in terms of dynamics yet both requiring skill and humility.

Primarily, I create objects tailored to interior design projects, often made to order in singular pieces. These can range from lighting objects to furniture elements or tableware. Such a form of collaboration with other designers allows for achieving exceptional results, where every detail of the interior is crafted with high quality, resulting in a multifaceted yet incredibly cohesive final effect.

Let's begin with a conversation about inspirations and dreams. The process unfolds intuitively; initial samples or prototypes showcase countless possibilities of finishes, textures, and materials. Frequently, I enlist the help of trusted craftsmen who bring these projects to life, fueled by their energy and love for the craft.